Still a Bit Sore

Posted by Casey on March 6th, 2007


Hey all! Well, I’m back in Minneapolis, staying at my loft. The picture above was taken this weekend. Aaron came down to Mankato to visit and we cooked a great dinner for my parents. The electric cart was a better option of shopping for groceries than walking. :)

It’s good to be all the way home. My butt is still sore and I’m having some tests to see what’s going on. Right now they think it might be a result of having been on a hard surgery table for so long, combined with coming off of an anti-inflammatory med, combined with 20 hours of driving home, combined with not being very mobile. Go figure! Either way, I’m hoping it gets better as I want to be able to get out and see people while I’m here for the next two weeks, before heading back to Houston for six weeks of radiation. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to all of you for the continued support. I’m still working through the long list of people to get back to, but know that I will talk to you soon. It never fails to amaze me how many loving people are in my life. I’m lucky.

On Sunday/Monday I’ll be back in Houston for a night to get set up for the radiation that starts the following Monday. Mom and I are going… FLYING this time (I’ve sworn off cars for a while)… and I’ll update you once I know more about that schedule upon my return.

For now… much love.

7 Responses to “Still a Bit Sore”

  1. "Chicago kiddo"

    “Case – Good to know that you are home, for a bit anyways and able to see people. Always glad when you update the site, cause I know you are well. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Safe and speedy travels to/from Houston. – Lots of love, Aaron/AJ”

  2. "Laura B."

    “You look so cute riding the cart!!! (Just don’t run anyone over when you drive those things!!) We love hearing how things are going….hope all your tests go well this weekend…thinking of you,~L”

  3. "Cousin Jane"

    “Casey — you are amazing! I can see that some of Great Grandma Minnie’s spunk, determination and humor have been passed down to you. (There’s lots of that going around, just ask your Aunt Janet!!)

    The Henrich cousins from Iowa continue to follow your progress and pray for you. Please give our best to your Mom and Dad and know that we are praying for all of you!”

  4. "Patty H."

    “Casey – You are in my thoughts and prayers always and often in my conversations with mutual friends. You have a lot of fans!! Glad to see you taking advantage of alternative forms of transportation – totally agree with the “”cute on the cart”" comment above! Safe travels to Houston. Patty”

  5. "Kari B."

    “Hey Casey-I do hope that was a Target Store you were in…..hee..hee :) Thanks for the nice e-mail earlier today and from my e-mail back to you, everything I aske dpretty much was in this update, except for an answer on my invitation for a walk around the lakes when you are up to it. It is an open invitation and when you get back from Houston, I’ll be on you for it.

    Much love & prayers,

  6. "Richard and Craig"

    It was great to run into you last night. You look great and continue to amaze us. We admire your strength and positive attitude through all of the stuff you’ve gone through. It really gave us pause, as right before we walked in we were bitching about all the little crap going on in our lives. You are a great inspiration to keep the whole world and what really matters in perspective. Looking forward to sharing that bottle of wine (or 2) with you.
    Richard and Craig”

  7. “Casey -

    The cart looks fun! I’m glad you’ve been able to spend some time in Minnesota!

    Love ya!

    Hugs and prayers -

    Nikki (Matt’s sis)”