Quinns Snowed-in in MN

Posted by Casey on December 24th, 2009

Just wanted to send a quick message to wish everyone a very happy holiday. The snow is keeping me very local this year. I’ll be spending it with Mom & Dad in ‘Kato. It’s the first year of my life that we haven’t gone to spend it with other family! So I’ll definitely miss Grandma and the gang in Iowa and everyone else we were going to be able to see.

Regardless, have a great time. Be safe on the ice. And for you lucky people in warmer places (ahem, Jill & Ben) wish you were with us!

Love you.


3 Responses to “Quinns Snowed-in in MN”

  1. Genene Kluck

    Casey: Merry Christmas from Puget Sound. My daughter is experiencing her first Christmas there in Minneapolis. One learns to be humble to the “weather outside”! God’s blessings as you continue your treatment & seek life’s gifts of health, strength, & remission! We hold you up in prayer & thanksgiving! (G.& family-Olympia)

  2. Karen Andrews

    Happy holidays Casey! Always thinking of you – hope we can squeeze in time for dinner one of these days soon!

    - Karen

  3. hi casey!omg how are you???? i REALY miss you! i never get to see you! i have great news! i am going to try to start a charity for cancer!! im going to talk to my mom then make flires then talk to my princple! i hope you are feeling good! i want to see you soon! you really inspire me! lov ya bye