Thanksgiving & Chemo Round #2

Posted by Casey on December 15th, 2009


Sorry for the delay again! I’ve been so slammed at work that I’ve been ignoring computer time at home, and suddenly it’s mid-December and I’m on to Chemo Round #2. I’m happy to report a few things…

1) Thanksgiving with the family in Omaha was a great escape. I got to spend good time with the family, eat way too much food (including my favorite, Maria’s, above) and learn how to lose lots of money playing poker. We also took a stab at shopping Black Friday, and managed to score some great deals. As holidays always seem to do, it served as a nice escape from the medical drama.

2) After Thanksgiving I moved into Week #3 on my chemo cycle which is when my blood counts would drop the most. I definitely started feeling it… worn out by the time I dragged myself home from work every day. But I survived!

3) Week #4 started with my second infusion of Avastin for that cycle. Not really much to report on it… so far those infusions are pretty straight forward. I go in for blood work, get the results, if the results are good, we go on with the infusion. Let’s just hope they keep moving so smoothly.

4) The second half of that week I was off to Houston for my monthly checkup/MRI. The weather had just turned to sh!t in Minneapolis, so I was sort of excited to escape. And as you can see below, Houston hasn’t dealt with much of a fall yet, and certainly no winter. It was “cool” at best, but everyone in the city was in a panic about how cold it was. My hoodie kept me happy.


The trip was crammed pretty tightly with tests. Blood work, an EEG and MRI, followed by appointments with Drs. Slopis and Wolff. I flew down expecting a continued report on the existing cancer, and not expecting much change. So when I finally got to meet with Dr. Wolff, it came as a great surprise to me to see him leap into the room with a huge smile on his face. He was like a kid on Christmas as he exclaimed that brightness of the tumors on the MRI were already much more faded. And he pulled both of them up to prove it. They definitely look noticeably different and I was very excited to see it. They’re also not showing any additional signs of growth, which is equally wonderful. And while it’s way too early to tell much of anything, I’ll use this as a good sign and hope it continues.

He also handed me a copy of a movie that has been made about some of the people and patients of M.D. Anderson. As some of you may remember, I was (making poor efforts) to film my life in Minneapolis, along with my experiences with cancer and treatment. Well, the team making the movie have finished their work and debuted it at M.D. Anderson the week before I arrived. I was so happy to have a copy of the movie and watched it that night in the hotel. It’s called The Art of the Possible, and it left me feeling rather lucky to share a screen with some other amazing cancer fighters, and reminds me of how lucky I’ve been to have Dr. Anderson (and Wolff, Slopis, Weinberg, Trusheim) and M.D. Anderson there to help me. So many, many thanks to Casey and Courtney Hayward, and the entire team behind the movie. Once I get more information on how we might be able to get more copies, I’ll let you know.

5) Last night marked the start of Round #2 on chemo. This round will be slightly more intense as I’m now on full dosing with 400mg instead of 300mg. Although it wasn’t a result of the chemo, I spent the day at home yesterday… sleeping for almost the entire day. It was a bit of a reminder of how much this stuff affects my body. Regardless, I started the drugs last night and will continue through the rest of the week. Here we go again!

I’ll keep you updated on how this round goes. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are moving on to plans for the Holidays.

Love you,


15 Responses to “Thanksgiving & Chemo Round #2”

  1. Hi Casey — you are such an inspiration to me (and to all of us)…. I am so happy to hear that those darn tumors are going dim … just what we’ve been praying for … and as sure as I’m sitting here, I truly believe that your wonderful Grannie had a lot to do with that… I pray to her every day to take good care of our Casey…

    Love ya Casey — have a wonderful Christmas with your wonderful family! I’ll be in Maple Sugar for a couple of days … don’t know that I’ll make it to Juniors though.

    Jane and Johnny Walker

  2. Oh Casey, I’m so glad you got some good news from the doctors! I hope you keep getting more and more good news and I hope treatment keeps going well.

    Miss you!

  3. That sounds like great news Casey. Congratulations. We’ll miss you on the ski trip this year. Take care.

  4. Lisa and Mark

    Fight, fight, fight . . . so far, looking good! Wishing you all of the best and so glad to spend time with you and the family during the Thanksgiving weekend. Love you much!

  5. Steven Warren

    Let me see if I have this right…. You got positive news from the doctors AND you’re a movie star now??? Any way you look at it, it all sounds good! :-) So happy to read this optimistic update. If you need anything, just holler — I’m right around the corner.

  6. Uncle Steve & Aunt Trina

    Love you much…and remember to eat!!!! Your in our prayers baby and doing good

  7. Great news my friend! Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year – let’s do lunch again soon so I can see your wonderful smiling face in person! Thinking of you & sending healing thoughts your way, your friend ~T

  8. Laura & gang

    yeah- dim away you tumors!
    Love and good thoughts to you always!
    Have a wonderful holiday season with your family Casey!

  9. YEAH!! Some good news during the ‘good news’ season. That’s terrific!! When are we going to do lunch!?? Love and prayers…

  10. Sure is great hearing your good news – and may it continue. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Yay! I am so happy to hear the good news. Love you so much!

  12. Jen and Erik

    Great news. So happy to hear it!!!

  13. what can we say – but hip, hip horray!! Love you bunches – what to reach out and hug you a big one!

  14. hey Casey –

    wish we could have been at the Maria’s table with you on thanksgiving – i’m sure you all had a great time. stay positive and keep on fighting – we love you. have a great christmas with your family. love you!

  15. so glad to read this awesome news !!!! we love you … have a great Christmas. Won’t be long and you’ll be uncle!!