One Year Ago

Posted by Casey on February 14th, 2008


In some ways it feels like ages, in others ways, just days. But exactly one year ago I celebrated Valentine’s Day in the most atypical way possible… on an operating table, talking to my dad on a phone while surgeons removed a golfball sized tumor from my brain.

I hadn’t really thought about it all that much until sometime last night. I’m single, so I wasn’t planning dinner or buying flowers. And I’ve never been a big fan of the holiday anyway. But starting last year it now means something a whole lot different. This morning I got an email from my mom, and a few texts from friends who had been thinking of the same thing. It made my day. And has given me new appreciation of February 14.

My next checkups aren’t until mid-April when I’ll be going through a very extensive set of appointments, including bone scan, colonoscopy, MRI, and many more. April will become my annual checkup month, though I’ll continue to have certain tests more frequently (especially MRIs of my brain).

For now, I’m looking forward to Jill’s wedding in March. Sunny, warm Mexico with family. Can’t wait!

3 Responses to “One Year Ago”

  1. "Karen & Todd Andrews"

    “Hey Casey,

    We still check in on you periodically and wanted to congratulate you on the 1-year surgical anniversary — what a milestone! We’d love to see you again one of these days if you feel like grabbing dinner or something. We may also be able to arrange a get-together in Houston in April :) Hope you’re doing well!”

  2. “Hey Casey!

    Remember to get innoculated with your Shamrock shake in March! I found my leprechaun finder a few months back and I couldn’t bear to throw it away. Have a great time at your sister’s wedding and tell everyone hello for me!


  3. “We have a lot to celebrate this year in Playa! I’m so happy that everything is coming back full circle! Love you!”