Week 5 of 6 Complete

Posted by Casey on April 24th, 2007


Only one week to go! The two weeks that Aaron was here felt more like one. Now he’s back in Minneapolis and Jill is here for my last 10 days. In about a 12 hour period over the weekend I went through the excitement of getting to see Jill and the sadness of saying goodbye to Aaron. But it helps to know I’m about a week away from getting back home.

The last week was much more tiring than it had been in the past. My focus and memory seem to be dropping a bit, as well as my energy. I forget names and nouns, especially in my short-term memory. I had already been warned at these, but like the hair loss warning, I think I was first hoping to prove them wrong. Instead, they were rather accurate. In speaking with my doctors, I’ve been told they’re very normal symptoms and that they’ll return to normal when radiation is complete and I have a few weeks to recover. So for now, I’m trying to focus on passing the time with Jill, havng fun, watching movies, eating good food, and relaxing.

Jill’s first objective when she arrived was to trim my remaining hair. It hadn’t been cut since a couple days before my surgery… Febuary 11th! So I think she may have gasped a little when she saw 1/3 of my head bald, and the other 2/3 incredibly overgrown. She’s got me looking a lot better.

The end of Week 5 came with a great visit from Cory. He was passing through Houston on his way back from Costa Rica. He was so thoughtful that he changed a flight to stay longer in Houston, rented a car to drive to the hotel and meet up with Jill and I. We had a few hours of great catch-up time and some lunch at my favorite little taco place… Taco Milagro. It was a great to see him.

Jill and I will be spending my last weekend in Austin. She’s got lots of little things for us to do, and I can’t wait. It will be one last weekend getaway before my last day of radiation on Monday, and my flight home on Tuesday.

Before I close, I just wanted to send out a special thank you to Linda Quinn and her entire family. You’re amazing people and I hear that you’re reading the site. I figured this would be the best way to say it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To Aaron, thanks for helping me through the last two weeks. It means a lot that you would come down to look after me.

To everyone, thanks for the continued support.

Love you all.


3 Responses to “Week 5 of 6 Complete”

  1. “One week to go!!!! How time flies. And you’ll be back just in time to begin enjoying the wonderful spring we’re starting to have here. :-)”

  2. "Sue & Wayne Ehlers"

    “Hi Casey-Only a few days to go until you are home again. You will be returning to springtime weather and the amazing change from ‘brown’ to ‘green’ here in Minnesota. Take it easy as you finish the radiation and indulge everyone and let them cater to you. We hope to see you after you are home for a while and things settle down. You are ever in our thoughts and prayers. With much affection. Sue and Wayne”

  3. “Hi Casey.

    Just wanted to check in and send a hug. We had an HLA meeting today and I missed having you on the phone! Can’t wait to have you back when you are ready. I miss you!