Week 4 of 6 Complete

Posted by Casey on April 16th, 2007


That’s the Alamo in the background of the photo. It’s a bit difficult to see, but I like the photo as it’s a good reminder of the great time I had this weekend with Aaron and two of my cousins – Meg and Tony.

Tony flew down on Saturday from Omaha. Aaron and I picked him up at the airport that morning and headed straight to San Antonio from there. We spent the day in the pool and hot tub at Jan & Jim’s house, which we had all to ourselves as they were off golfing and gambling in Nevada. That night we headed into downtown for some entertainment and great food, both of which are incredibly easy to find at the Riverwalk. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was incredible, and the company I was with were perfect in reminding me of the best parts of life.

When we returned to Jan & Jim’s we spent a couple of hours in the hot tub before heading to bed. The next day started in a similar way — hours in the hot tub and pool. Later that afternoon we headed north to Austin where we were invited to join the Furey family for a tasty burger dinner at a little outdoor diner. I hadn’t seen them in years. I miss them! We were only in Austin for dinner but I will be returning in two weeks with my sister for a bit more time.

I had to say goodbye to the Furey’s, including Meg, which wasn’t easy. And then it was time to return to San Antonio where Jan & Jim had arrived home from their getaway. It was also time for dinner number two, which was steak and lobster, and incredibly tasty. Tony, Aaron and I helped Jan & Jim prepare it all, but only after the five of us made a quick stop at Dutch’s — a hole-in-the-wall bar that is something only the Pille family knows much about. It was a treat. Dinner was filled with great food and conversation, and ended some time around 10:30. It led to another night in the hot tub. The hours quickly passed and suddenly we found ourselves waking up to head back to Houston once again. It was a little more difficult to leave this time. I knew I wouldn’t probably get to head back to San Antonio again while I’m here for radiation. I smiled when I first thought of it as I realized the radiation will end soon, but then I also teared up a but realizing how lucky I’ve been to be so close to these amazing family members that I’ve never been able to see this much before. So Jan and Jim – THANK YOU for providing an amazing escape. I love you.

Today brought in the last day of Week 4. It was a routine day of radiation. Tonight brought Aaron, Tony and I to an Astros game. It was filled with hot dogs, pretzels, random crazy people, and great company. I felt incredibly lucky to be there. And we had a fantastic time.

For now, I’m off to bed. It’s a bit late and I’m a lot tired. :)

Love you.


7 Responses to “Week 4 of 6 Complete”

  1. "Cousin Jane from Iowa"

    “Casey — good morning! I so enjoy reading your updates and today you really made me smile — Your recent adventures remind me of lots of adventures I had with your Mom and your crazy aunts and uncles that wonderful Pille family. Someday I would love to sit down with you at Little Cus’ in Maple Sugar and share some of those stories with you. Jan had better be there too to defend herself!

    For now, however, please know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers and again, thank you for the smiles that you bring! Good luck to you on your remaining stay in Houston. Stay strong and keep smiling.”

  2. "Anonymous"

    “Dear Casey –

    We enjoyed our time with you, Tony and Aaron on Sunday. Sorry we couldn’t have spent more time but hope to when you and Jill visit Austin. Maybe Tess and Mary Cat will open up a bit more too!

    Love you – Lucy, Kevin and kids”

  3. “Hey champ. Glad to hear you’re still cramming in a hectic food schedule – are you sure this isn’t just Casey’s Gastronomic Blog? Anyway – love from Rii and I, to you and all over there.


  4. “Hi Casey!!

    It is nice to know you will be coming back home soon. Your arrival will coincide nicely with the completion of our kitchen so we will be able to finally have you over.

    Did you ever get your computer? You did that just in the nick of time cuz after 3/1 they changed the terms and conditions so now you can’t cancel offers before 60 days. Oh well, I got my TV and my gift card so I am not complaining.

    We have been over to the Park a lot since the weather is so nice. Get this, apparently there is a group that is intent on Chicago Ave becoming the “”Ave of the Arts”". I have been working with the businesses on 35th and Chicago and mythinks that by the end of the summer there will be some major improvements there. Oh yeah, and Carne Asada closed down but the people who renovated the Town Talk Diner are going to put a take-out pasta deli into the Carne Asada space on Lake and Chicago!!!!

    All in all things go well here and we look forward to bar-b-qs and lots of neighborly commiserating this summer.
    Loves and earlicks—Sara and Matt”

  5. "Love in SD"

    “Sound like you guys had a great time… YEAH you deserve it…It is so wonderful to have friends and family around to remind you of all the love you have in your life…Sending you more love xoxoxoxoxo Jen in SD”

  6. "Anonymous"

    “Hey Casey,

    Thanks for keeping this awesome blog. It’s great to be able to get updates and to hear the ins and outs of everything going on in your life without feeling like a pest. Glad to hear things are moving along. When you get back we’ll have to meet up to grill and hang out.

    Love, Jen and Erik”

  7. "Richard and Craig"

    “Hey Casey,
    Craig and I are thinking of you and awaiting your return to Mpls. Spring has finally arrived! Trees are starting to pop and soon we should have flowers abounding!

    Let us know if there is anything we can do–and keep us in touch when you return.
    Richard and Craig”