Week 2 of 6 Complete

Posted by Casey on April 2nd, 2007


The picture above is me, today, locked to the table just after finishing Day 10 of radiation. It’s part of the daily process, but today marked another week down. I’m now 1/3 complete.

After our return from San Antonio last Monday it felt like the week might go slowly. A fun weekend turned back to the weekly cycle. But suddenly it was moving along. On Wednesday, Mom and I were off to see the musical Wicked. It was a great show, and an incredibly thoughtful and entertaining break, courtesy of some of Mom’s coworkers. (Thank you!)

Thursday passed by and once again it was Friday, and time to leave for weekend #2 in San Antonio. We were excited to get out of Houston again, although I experienced a couple partial seizures on Friday which made it somewhat frustrating. The seizures were very similar to those I have experienced before, and I knew that they were a possibility. Still, it’s no fun to experience them… especially so many in such a short time.

Regardless – we arrived in San Antonio for another relaxing weekend. Once again, it was filled with great food, great company, and a great hot tub & pool to relax in and forget about the medical world for a while. On Sunday we spent about 4 hours lounging around in the pool (me with layers upon layers of sunscreen and a hat on) before making dinner. All the while, our new friend Arnie Palmer kept us company. Dinner was fantastic… something Jan calls the Wok-a Wok-a… I just call it delicious.

Thank again Jan & Jim for another weekend escape!

Today I came back for my weekly radiologist appointment and was quick to voice my concerns about the partial seizures. My doctor connected with my neurologist and they have decided to raise my anti-seizure medication for the time being to see if it will help with the symptoms. So for now that’s the update. I’m hopeful that it resolves the problem. Stay tuned.

Finally, it’s Mom’s last week with me in Houston. What I thought would feel like quite a long time… living with Mom for the longest time since I left home after high-school… has actually flown by. It reminds me how lucky I am to get along so well with my family. This week we’ll be celebrating my half-way point with nice dinners, sight-seeing, and more successful trips to the proton center. On Saturday we’ll both be flying back to Minneapolis. Mom will head home, and I’ll be there overnight, returning Sunday with Aaron who’s brave enough to live in a hotel with me for the next two weeks!

Thanks for everything, Mom. I love you!


9 Responses to “Week 2 of 6 Complete”

  1. "Laura B."

    “Thanks for sharing so much of your experience with everyone—I’m sure that must be hard. You are such an amazing person, Casey; Sending out Strength & Love to You from WI, ~L”

  2. "Brady M"

    “I am one of Aarons friends. I have kept track of your updates for quite a while. It sounds like you have an unbelievable support group surrounding you. You are very lucky to have them all. Aaron is a tremendous guy and you are lucky to have him. Good luck on the treatments. I will be reading developments”

  3. "Anonymous"


    Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you always. It’s like having you in our living room when we’re watching Idol. You all have a beautiful Easter and enjoy your time up North.

    Love you – Aunt Lucy and family”

  4. "Anonymous"

    “casey it’s me justin i just wanted you yo know that i think of you always. i hope you feel better soon so we can have fun with each other.”

  5. "Richard, Craig and Roxxy"

    “Hey Casey,
    Just checking in to see how you are doing. We are off to Wisconsin on Saturday–so won’t see you while you are home–next time you are in town–please give us a call…we’d love to see you.
    Richard, Craig and Roxxy (our 6 month old Schnauzer)”

  6. “Hi Casey,

    Just checking in…Eric and I say “”HI!”" and we are excited that you’re 1/3 done already! NICE! I miss you at work…can’t wait to see you.


    Andrea + Eric”

  7. "jordyn schrad"

    “Dear casey i wish I could see you!and happy you get to go home for one day it’s cold at grand pa jimand granny jan’s house we went ento the pool and hot tube yesterday and we will do it agin.we are haveing fun whith JAD i will give him a snack for you.happy Easter love

    jordyn schrad”

  8. “Casey,
    I just talked to a classmate who I haven’t seen for years and she informed me of this web site. I had no clue of your most recent medical challenge, but if anyone can beat it, your name is written all over it as you’ve done it before. It sounds like you are doing well and and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Have a Happy Easter!

  9. "Anonymous"

    “HOwdy, Sounds like things are moving along. I know it is frustrating..two steps forward, one step back…I am sending you tons of hugs and love to help get through this….Love Jen in SD”