Day One Completed

Posted by Casey on March 20th, 2007


Just got home from my first day of radiation. I knew the treatment wouldn’t take much time each day, but I was still pleasantly surprised when, after under 40 minutes, I was walking out the door with mom. And all future days will be closer to 30 minutes.

The treatment will start everyday with my head getting locked down with my fitted mask. Once I’m in place, the machine will take an x-ray to ensure that the radiation will hit the correct spots. Then I will go through three different periods of radiation, all of which are just a few minutes long. In between each, the machine rotates my body/head and the machine so that it is aimed from different directions. It’s all pretty incredible. I’m lucky it exists.

I’m happy to have this day done. It’s only 1 of 29, but it’s a good start, and it just means I’m that much closer to being finished. However, in the meantime, mom and I are figuring out things to keep us busy during the days, considering only 30 minutes of it will be treatment. I’ll be starting part-time work for Target again. We’ll visit museums. We’ll go shopping. We’ll watch movies. And once we’re into the grind, time will go much more quickly.

Finally… just wanted to let you know that I have a mailing address now, and have put it on the Contact Info page in case you need it.

Bye for now.

Love you.


7 Responses to “Day One Completed”

  1. "Laura B."

    “We love you too, Casey!! Enjoy your Mom time! I know she will… ;) ~L”

  2. "Keyle G."

    “So great talking to you today dear! Glad to hear you were feeling decent. See you in Houston soon hopefully! :)”

  3. “Hurrah! It all sounds very exciting. It’s a good job you have access to all those clever machines. I think you’d just get little more than a plaster (Band Aid) on our National Health Service. I’m so glad to hear you’re still chipper – you are a marvel, indeed. You knew that already, though. :)

    Love you!”

  4. "Anonymous"

    “Casey, good to here everything went well on the first go around. You and your mom try to relax and have some fun and hopefully getting a little work in will make the time go faster. we will look in on Dad back here in North Kato and try to keep him from getting bored. maybe the golf course will open soon and we will get him out, that is if he isn’t working.
    We will keep watching and checking in, give you mom a hug for us and know that we are all thinking of you back here. The good news is when you do get a chance to come back it will be a lot warmer.
    Take care and love from,

    The Bills
    Kath and John”

  5. “Hey Casey,

    Just checking in and reading the update. Glad to hear the first day went well. All is well back in Mpls. It was a beautiful, warm, spring day here. More warm days ahead. Take care, and I look forward to seeing you in Mpls as soon as possible (or maybe a surprise visit to Houston?).”

  6. "Anonymous"

    “Casey…thanks for the technical update. It sounds like everything is well planned and under control. I don’t know if Lisa White has shared with you that she has a very good friend in Houston that is excited to be your tour guide and home away from home when you need it. It is Amy and Kris Brown. Kris was the kicker for the Huskers and now is at the Texans. They live a short distance from the hospital. If and when you are ready…talk to Lisa and she will connect you with them. They are super people! Good luck and enjoy the warm spring weather.


    Uncle Ray, Aunt Barb”

  7. "Richard and Craig"

    “Hey Casey,
    Glad things are going well. Craig and I are thinking of you.
    Richard and Craig”