Slowly Recovering

Posted by Casey on February 19th, 2007


Today was actually a pretty busy day. It started out at the hospital — for the last day or two I’ve slowly had more and more swelling on the side of my face. Combine that with my inability to hear from that ear (something I’ve already been told would slowly get better) and I thought it made sense to make sure everything was alright. So we started with a trip there to have things looked at. It turns out that as long as there isn’t any painful swelling or bad smell, I’m in good shape. And right now, I’m doing alright. Phew!

Leaving there, we decided it might be good to just get outta Houston for a bit. And while going much farther would be kind of tough, we knew that Galveston was close by. So we drove there. It’s about 30 minutes away which was definitely more than enough of a ride for me, but also good for me just to leave and remember what life is about. When we got there we just drove around and then found a little sandwich shop on the beach. We ate in the car… I didn’t even get out once the whole ride. But I got out of town which was something I needed.

Galveston seemed sort of abandoned right now. It’s definitely not beach season, so I suppose that makes sense. And the selfish side of me was happy that it was quiet. I wanted peace, not panic, and it was actually pretty calming – all things considered.

Once we got back I just relaxed for a bit in the hotel while my parents went to the gym. Once they got back we heard about free dinners that our hotel has every night. So we went and enjoyed fajitas on Residence Inn. And with that new-found energy, decided that a movie sounded nice. So I’m actually just getting home from dinner and a movie (called Breach). Crazy! I have no energy left, and I look like crap. But I’m okay with that. :) It was a nice step forward.

The recovery is slow. Sometimes too slow for me. I just want to get back to living. But it’s these little things along the way that are helping me get there. For those reasons and more, today was a good day.

Love you all.

15 Responses to “Slowly Recovering”

  1. “Keep your head up, sir, and keep taking small steps forward. When you are back here (which I think about literally all day long), there is a big bowl of ice cream waiting and lots of arms to hug you. Mine better be first on the list! :)”

  2. "Richard and Craig"

    Keep your head up! You are doing amazingly well. Looking forward to seeing you when you return and are up for company.

  3. “I’m so glad your recovery is going well. I can hardly wait to see you! Hang in there and keep your chin up. Recovery takes time–sometimes longer than we’d like, but never longer than is needed. You’re truly and inspiration. See you soon my friend!”

  4. “Glad to hear that you got out of “”Dodge”" for a bit!… You mean to tell me you didn’t stop to see Shamu at Sea World?…She misses you…

    My Mom and Dad and Erin say “”Hi and Get All-The-Way Well Soon”" (they don’t have a computer…*rolling eyes*)…

    Don’t forget to bundle up when you get back here…it’s a bit nippy here!

    Love and Miss you Sweet Pea! Stay smiling!


  5. "Lisa Cavallari"

    “Hi Casey!

    Which Residence Inn are you staying at in Houston? I promise I will send this package to you soon…you’ve been moving around so much lately!

    It is finally warming up around here. It’s up in the 40s today and everyone is loving the face that they don’t need to wear seven layers of clothing. Yay spring fever!

    Love ya long time,

  6. “Ahhh, the beach…a great place to renew the spirit! I’m still sending thoughts and strength out your way…and slow but steady is sometimes the way…You will get there!
    Love YA~Laura”

  7. "Congrats on your big day out"

    “Wow…big night out on the town…congrats on taking that first step into the swing of things…love and hugs, Jen in SD xoxoxoxoxo”

  8. “Sounds like a very complete day indeed. So happy things are going so well. Keep up the good work.


  9. “Dear Casey –

    Thought I’d drop you a line and let you know we’re still thinking of you. I’m sure the time is getting long but look how far you’ve come! Remember – “”baby steps”"! (Have you ever seen “”What About Bob?”" with Bill Murray?) Enjoy this beautiful weather – you could probably start on your tan!

    All our love and prayers – Aunt Lucy and family

    Cat, Tess, and Domi say “”hello”"! Meg is still in bed!”

  10. “Hey Casey, hope you’re rounded out a decent recovery week in Houston, and you enjoy a triumphant return to frostyland soon. (It’s actually close to 50 degrees today, what’s going on? :=P) Take care, if you’re traveling soon, have a pleasant trip back!”

  11. “see if there’s any more beer left in that can…

    i say you should start sporting a denim tank top, since that gown was a rip-off of the fanciest embroidered denim shirt i’ve ever seen.

    i love you, darling, and am glad you’re recovering. “”kisses where it itches”"”

  12. “It will be a good day today… :) And you’ll be back in our home state before you know it!! Safe journey…love always. ~L”

  13. “you look hot!!!

    love you sweetie – julia”

  14. “Hello everybody, it is a snowy night in Minnesota, actually horrible. Casey we wanted to let you know that you are on our minds and we are thinking of all of you and especially you. We are still wishing you all the best and have missed your updates. Hang in there and know that everyone is only thinking positively about you. You are a brave soul and we all think the world of you and your family. Take care and we are excited to see you again and get you all home safe and sound.
    watch the weather and keep you head up and know you and your family have many people supporting you and keeping the positive thoughts going.


    John and Kath Bill”

  15. “Oh puh-leeeeeease… when do you ever “”look like crap”"?!? :o)