Posted by Casey on February 15th, 2007


(Since Casey is in surgery resting peacefully right now, this is Aaron providing an update.)

Just one quick update: Casey is now out of the ICU and into a regular room. Right now he’s resting, his glasses splayed across the white bandages wrapped around his head. He probably will be here until Saturday. The Contact Info page is updated with his room number and current address.

The surgeon stopped by this morning to check in with Casey. He did an informal waggling-finger test of Casey’s vision and found, surprisingly, that it doesn’t seem to be changed at all. Going into the surgery, Casey was told that limited vision would pretty much be a guaranteed side effect. Casey seems to be the exception to that rule.



4 Responses to “SURGERY UPDATE, VOL 5”

  1. “Hurray, Hurray!! The Miller (including the two Cherry members) are thinking of all of you. Time to take some deep breaths and relax a little.”

  2. “Aaron,

    Thank you again for the post. I’m glad things are going well. I hope you are holding up also.



    My Grandmother just sent me this e-mail so I wanted to post it here for you to see. You’ve got so many people pulling for you. I am so glad to hear everything is going smoothly.

    Grandma Towler’s response regarding the latest medical update –

    THANKS BE TO GOD! Simply amazing- Can’t help but feel so much of this good is due to Casey’s own reaction! I am SO IN AWE! Now we must send prayers and thanks to God- hope Casey knows how much he is loved! Thank you so much for the GOOD news!

    Love, Matt and Grandma Towler”

  3. “Casey,
    Just wanted to let you know you have thoughts and prayers being sent to you from CO as well. We stand in awe of your spirit and resillience. Mother Teresa once said “”I know God will never give me more than I can handle, I just wish He didn’t trust me so much”". Looks like God has an awful lot of faith in you as well, but time and time again you give him reason to! We wish you a great recovery!
    From Lacey (Marquardt), Brandon and Bella”

  4. “Casey,
    Power in prayer.
    You are in our thoughts everyday. You would not stand out where Todd is, you would fit right in with the turban & stubble.
    Your glasses over the turban remind me why our friend Kermit cannot wear glasses! (no ears) I’m trying to make you laugh.
    McVicker family”