Posted by Casey on February 15th, 2007


I’m absolutely amazed by all of you… sending your warm thoughts, looking out for me. I just read through all of your comments for the first time, and I can’t even tell you what it all means to me. I know I have some amazing people in my life, but your support has gone well-beyond amazing. I love you.

So the picture above is me in my wrapped head, and something that looks like a denim tanktop, although it’s really a gown. I just took it on my computer. Mom, Dad and Jill went home for the evening, and Aaron is reading a new book in the corner. And I decided I finally had the energy to read. I’ve mostly been sleeping and just awake for an hour here and there. The drugs are wearing off though, and my life is coming back. It feels amazing.

At some point I’ll write more detail on being awake during the surgery. It was so unreal. Being asked to identify illustrations of animals, to read words on cards, to just have general conversation about my life… all while an insanely talented surgeon worked to slowly and accurately remove the unhealthy part of my brain. I’m more and more amazed by the medical industry every time I’m part of it.

For now, just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’m in a regular hospital room now (instead of the intensive care room that I was in). Aaron and I had a regular dinner. And while I really don’t care to wear this itchy wig anymore, I couldn’t possibly change a thing about this moment. I’m alive. I’m well. And I have the most amazing set of family and friends looking after me.

I’ll update you more soon.

Love you.



14 Responses to “HELLO!”

  1. “Casey- again just want to say glad you are doing well and we are thinking about you and praying for your recovery. God Bless!
    Love, Sarah Pille Murray”

  2. "Dennis and David"

    “It is SO GOOD to hear from Casey himself instead of Aaron (even though Aaron did such a great job). I can’t tell you how happy we are to hear from you Casey!!! I can’t wait to have you boys cook another awesome meal for us at your loft! We’ll bring the wine of course, Aaron the desert and Casey the life of the party! I’m gonna use one more exclamation point!!!”

  3. “Love you, Casey!! So wonderful to see your smile :) Glad to hear from you after a long couple of days-and can’t wait to hear more of your story…Rest well; peaceful dreams… ~L
    (p.s…you look good, unshaven!!)”

  4. "The Compartment"

    “Good to see you have your computer again — and you posting. Absolutely knew you’d do well — you are resilient. And now, I bet, things will begin to get back to whatever normal is. Love you.”

  5. “Casey,

    It is SO good to see you and hear from you. I’m glad you guys got to have a regular meal last night. Hopefully that brought back a sense of ‘normal’ to both of you guys. Last night I talked to Holley’s 13 y/o neice from WV. She wanted to let me know that she was saying prayers for you. You have inspired so many by your strength and your story Casey. Keep that light shining. :)

    Love, Matt”

  6. “Hey Casey,

    Wow! You’re amazing too. I’ve been completely preoccupied over the last week; checking up to make sure I don’t miss a single update. I was amazed by all the beautiful comments from your family and friends. Clearly a tribute to how special you are! Feel better.

    Best wishes from Canada!


  7. "Andrea Eckman"


    What wonderful news! And it’s so good to hear it from you directly. I’ve been thinking of you all week and have been hoping and praying for you, your family and your surgical team. Keep healing and keep posting updates on your progress.

    Andrea Eckman”

  8. “You are looking very rugged. Bandaged head, in need of a shave, tattered vest – something straight out of Rambo except you’re still smilin’! Doesn’t happen very often but I’m almost speechless (almost).”

  9. “It is great to see and hear from you Casey. So relieved your surgery went well. I will be looking forward to hearing more of your story. Tell your mom, dad and Jill hi from me. And I look forward to meeting Aaron!! Take care and love to you.”

  10. “Casey, hi. The turban looks nice, actually. You could almost pass for a flapper, if it wasn’t for the stubble. Hope to see you soon! Love, Kat”

  11. “You look stunning as usual – I have been thinking about you all week and I’m glad that Love Day went so well. Even if you had to keep the turban you could pull it off. Can’t wait to see you again Casey – will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.”

  12. “You look incredible! It was so nice to see an update from you and getting to see your face was wonderful! I hope the next few days are full of peaceful relaxation.
    The puppies send hugs and kisses!
    Love you!”

  13. “You are truly and amazing person and I am more than overjoyed that everything went well. I wish your family well and CAN’T wait to see you!! :) Love you lots!!”

  14. “What up Sweet Pea??

    Glad to hear that you are doing well! I looked thru the disaster that is known as my “”scrapbook”" (a.k.a. a shoebox full of random pictures) and came upon lots of pics from Lancers (in all our sweaty glory)…and shots taken tubing with the boat (“”Umm… guys?… Is that a tornado?”")… and our Spring Break trip our Senior year (“”Let’s lay over in Daaallas…”" and Punny hanging from a noose)… at it all made me laugh! I wish you more good times like those in your life… and it looks like you’re on your way to get back to having some good times!

    Love you!