Posted by Casey on February 14th, 2007


(Since Casey is in surgery resting peacefully right now, this is Aaron providing an update.)

7:00 p.m.
Casey’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Weinberg, came to talk to us. He was younger than I expected — in his late 30s or so. He exuded confidence and even a hint of pride as he spoke.

The surgery went better than planned, he said. They were able to remove more of the tumor than they had anticipated, reaching difficult areas between his brain hemispheres and near the base of his brain. He held out his hands with his two thumbs and two index fingers touching, a circle larger than a hockey puck, illustrating how much tissue they removed.

Dr. Weinberg clearly liked being asked questions about the surgery and what to expect next.

Will he feel much pain tomorrow?

Dr. Weinberg pursed his mouth and said “No, some Tylenol is all he should need.”

Will he still have seizures? “We hope not. He was awake for around one hour during the surgery, until he began to show a little agitation and had one seizure, which we were able to quickly control.”

Will he still need to take anti-seizure medication? “That’s a call for Dr. Wolff (the neuro-oncologist) to make, but probably he will.”

How about his vision? “As we expect with almost all surgeries in this area of the brain, his vision probably will be limited in the upper quadrant.”

Any word on the possible P53 gene mutation? “We took samples of both good and bad tissue so we should be able to more accurately test for this mutation.” (A positive test indicates that a mutation is present, which would mean that Casey’s genes don’t control bad cell growth as efficiently or accurately as most people — which could explain his multiple experiences with cancer.)

His speech? “We were able to stay away from the speech areas of his brain, so that should be unaffected. You should wake him up before you leave and make him talk to you.”

So, a little reluctant to wake him from his much-deserved sleep, Jill and I stood by his bed and said softly, “Casey… We’re here to see you…”

He didn’t respond. We looked at each other.

A little louder: “Casey, we love you and we’re really proud of you.”

His eyes fluttered open.

“Hi,” he said.

That’s what we were waiting all day to hear.

He will spend tonight in the ICU and should be moved to a regular hospital room tomorrow to stay for a day or two of observation.

More tomorrow, possibly even from Casey himself.



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  1. “That is so great, Casey! Hi, to you from MN. Rest well, sweet man.”

  2. “Casey Darling, get well and come home soon!
    Love, Roman and Kat”

  3. “Sounds like you are in fantastic hands Casey and it is great to know that you are resting after a life changing day. You’ve got a lot of people pulling for you! Hang in there and see you soon.


  4. “My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine, you make me smile with my heart… Oh, yes. That is you my dear. All my love, always. And by the way, good morning.”

  5. "Jen and Erik"

    “Thanks for the updates Aaron. We’re truly thrilled to hear things went well today. We’ll keep sending good thoughts your way. It’s good to hear Casey’s wit and smile are intact.”

  6. “I’m glad to read that everything seems to have went well. Aaron, I knew from the start that you were amazing, and would always have amazing people around you. Your boyfriend is such a real inspiration for so many reasons. Good luck with everything, and anticipate me come to Minnesota to visit soon…to meet Casey especially :)”

  7. “So grateful that things are going well… Love you Casey”

  8. “Casey it must be really a great to have friend like Aaron to keep us all informed and we all already know what a wonderful and strong family you have. Your own strength is the proof in that. You have shown us all how important that is. To be able to continue and share that welcome smile. Thank you Lord for answering the many prayers and providing the strength for Casey and his family who are so deserving. Our thoughts and prayers will be with y’all.
    jim, jan, sherrie, justin, jordyn, & jad”

  9. “Congrats Casey! Glad to hear you came out of surgery alive and well. Can’t wait to see you back in Minneapolis.”

  10. "From Richard & Craig"

    Both Craig and I are sending you our love and positive energies! Stay strong and get well soon. We want you back here in Mpls and at the Chicago! We have many bottles of wine waiting for you.

    With love
    Richard Cash and Craig Feltmann #1201″

  11. "Uncle Dave"

    “Fantastic News! Just what we’ve all been praying for! Those weren’t Fruit Loops —– they were “”Life Savers”" !!!”

  12. “Casey – Good Happy Happy Morning!

    Prayers of thanksgiving are pouring out today! We’re so happy to hear everything went smoothly and almost better than expected! Now we’ll work on prayers for a quick recovery and back home!

    All our love and prayers to you, your Mom and Dad, Jill, and Aaron!”

  13. "From Dennis, but sent by David cuz Dennis work sux"

    “Aaron, I commend you for your bravery and effort. We all appreciate the updates since you are so far away. But Aaron, it’s 8am, get your butt out of bed and tell us how Casey is doing!”

  14. "Great Aunt Rita"

    “Good morning Casey, etal…….. What a glorious morning we have with the wonderful news. Thank you, Aaron for keeping all of us in the loop.

    This is Cousin Jane writing on behalf of your Great Aunt Rita (your Grandma Ruth’s twin sister — she can’t believe her baby picture is on the Internet, by the way…)

    I called her last night to read her parts of your web page and she wanted me to be sure to tell you and your family that she has been (and will continue) to pray for your recovery. She also wanted to send her love to you and your family.

    Casey, your story is truly heartwarming, and I am blessed to be related to someone as wonderful as you. I will continue to keep the prayers coming as well.”

  15. "Mr. Jergenson's fifth grade art class"

    Dear Casey, please get better soon, so you can come and visit when you are feeling better- Atalie
    I hope that you are feeling better- Jessica
    I hope that you are back in tip top shape- LeeAnne
    Get Well- Danny

    What do you call a substitute band teacher’s helper?
    A Band-Aid Wa Wa! – joke from Alec

    Get well soon, you can pull through- Tommy

    Congratulations and get well!- Alex L.

    Congratulations that you made it through!- Bella

    Happy Valentines Day!- Kyle

    I hope that you can start to do your everyday stuff that you used to do! Sammy G.

    Take it easy!

    -David and the fifthies”

  16. “Casey, you are a brave and courageous person and I’m so happy to hear that things are going so well.

    Lots of love-


  17. “Thank you, Aaron, for keeping us up to date with the progress. We’ve been thinking of all of you and sending “”success”" thoughts your way. What a day it has to have been for all of you. Keep on keeping on!! – Rose & Mike”

  18. “Thanks Aaron for all of the updates! Casey I promise that there are lots and lots of people here at work that are keeping you (your doctors and family) in their thoughts and prayers. Be of good faith and spirits!”

  19. “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will – Mahatma Gandhi

    Casey, your indomitable will and courage are amazing! You are an inspiration – always ready to take on the next thing that comes along with great optimism.

    We are sending you our well wishes and lots of love!

    Mandy, Mason & Grady”

  20. “I’m so relieved and happy to hear the surgery went so well. I think my heart may explode. Yay, that’s our boy! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: ain’t NUTHIN’ keeps Casey Quinn down!! A thousand thanks to your surgical team.

    I know there’s still a lot of work to be done with the recovery and further treatment and all. But take a moment to pause and recognize what a rock star you are. Then go trash some hotel rooms. (just kidding. wouldn’t want ya to risk ripping out your stitches.) ;oP


  21. “Just checked the site and broke into a huge smile at my desk! I am so happy and relieved and excited for you, Casey. And to Aaron and your family – you all are so awesome. I already like Aaron (my Marketing Buddy!) but I also think the rest of you sound like family members anyone would be thrilled and lucky to have.

    Rest, recuperate, and recover, Casey – and know you’re very loved!


  22. "THE PILLES"

    “Great news Casey!!! We always new you were a tough trooper. We are very happy with the news, your strength is amazing!!!!!

    We love you very much, The Pilles (Bernie, Lisa, Dani, Kenzie, Miranda & Cam)”

  23. “Let’s year it for The Mighty Quinn. OK, I know your family is probably tired of hearing that one but come on.. it needed to be said.
    Hurry back – you have more to do.

  24. "Betty. .Greg"

    “Now you’ve got me all misty-eyed at work Aaron! Speedy recovery Casey!”

  25. "Guy Shampoo"

    “Sooooo good to hear the good and promising words. You’re in my thoughts daily Casey. Rest and be well.”

  26. "The Benches"

    “Casey, We’re so glad your surgery went well. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you have a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see you soon!
    We love you,
    Brook, Amy, Bode, Bria”

  27. "The best valentine's day present ever!"

    “Aaron, thanks for the update! Hope you and the rest of the family are doing ok there. And Case…looking forward to hearing about your uber expedient recovery. -Aaron”

  28. “Thanks for the wonderful updates and hopeful news Aaron. I’m so glad Casey has you in his life. I’m hoping and praying that we can all get together soon, so I can meet you in person. Give my love to Casey and his family. Sometimes I think it is as difficult to be sitting next to the patient as it is to be the patient. So I’m thinking of all of you too. With love, Daire”

  29. "Friends In Texas"

    “Hi Casey,
    So glad your surgery went great. We are all praying for you and hope you have a full recovery. Was glad you went to our great state of Texas for your surgery! This is a neat site you have created and special thanks to Aron for the updates!! Patty and John Davis–LaVernia, Texas friends of Jim and Jan.”

  30. “It’s great to hear this positive update on the procedure! Casey, good job and I can’t wait to hear an update from you when you can. Stay strong my friend.”

  31. “Hey Casey! You’ve been in my thoughts and I’m elated to hear that things went so well. Your strength and spirit are so inspirational and so is the support that Aaron and your family have given you. I hope everyone is doing well!

    Stay strong and recover quickly!”

  32. “Casey I’m so happy to hear things are going well! Stay strong and we will see you back in the office soon!”

  33. “Continued Prayers and Hopes for you all day and every day, Casey!
    Love you much! ~L”

  34. "Your Godchild Cameron"

    “get well ,I want 2 see you soon!!!!”

  35. “Casey, I am so glad to hear things are well for you! Hang in there and we will keep cheering for you back here at Target. Take care :)”

  36. "The Compartment"

    “Well monkey, knew you’d make it through with flying colors — thanks to your support system and your doctors. This world isn’t the same with you not in it (by that I mean Minnesota). Come home safe and soon. Love you.”

  37. “Hi Casey- We are glad you made it safely through your surgery- you are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless. Love, Sarah, Vince, Hannah, and Savannah”

  38. “Casey, I’m so happy that it went well – what great & hopeful news – you have an indomitable spirit. keep doing what you’re doing & come home soon! blessings to you & Aaron & your family.