Posted by Casey on February 14th, 2007


(Since Casey is in surgery right now, this is Aaron providing an update.)

4:25 p.m.
The OR nurse — not Mary Poppins anymore, but a new, quieter nurse — just provided an update. Casey is doing well and they are in the closing procedures right now. The surgery should be finished in about an hour, and then the surgeon will come give the official recap and information. Can’t wait to see him…

The Quinn family is checking in on this site and are very encouraged by your comments. When Casey is able to read this, I know he’ll be very grateful and amazed. Thank you.


6 Responses to “SURGERY UPDATE, VOL 2”

  1. “Big Breathe.
    The Fruit Loops look more like Life Savers to me.”

  2. “This has been like the longest day of my life – glad all sounds good – jan”

  3. “In grand San Francisco tradition, I’m sending all the positive hippy-vibes I can muster! My window at work faces southeast and I’ve been gazing out it all day thinking of you all…

    Thanks so much for the play-by-play, Aaron!


  4. “It’s only February Casey, but I’ve got my ‘leprachan binoculars’ out in honor of you!! All day I’ve been praying for you and thinking of you all. I can let my breath out finally a bit. Also, Aaron-Thank you again for all the updates and the great descriptions-you’re an amazing writer. (p.s.—Casey also in honor of you, Travis has just started scootin’ around!!!) Love you so much!!! xxoo ~L”

  5. "Get Hooked on Fishing runner up David"

    “Maybe we can re-write the cards with sentences all starting with C words. Casey, Dennis and I can’t wait to kick your butt at cards soon.
    Peace Love,
    Double D”

  6. “Thank you so much for the updates Aaron. It’s been lovely to be kept informed at every step along the way.

    Sending lots of love from England – (I hope the Mary Poppins nurse wasn’t too awful)”