Posted by Casey on February 14th, 2007


(Since Casey is in surgery right now, this is Aaron providing an update.)

6 a.m.
When we walked into the reception area at 6 this morning, the nurse asked, “Surgery today?” Like it was an option we should all want to buy, like a credit card we might want to apply for at checkout. A few minutes later Casey was in the “holding area,” waiting for the process to begin. He was his usual self, smiles and steady voice.

8:30 a.m.
The doctors arrived and his family headed to the waiting room. The long hours of surgery began.

10 a.m.
The OR nurse bopped out with her infectious English accent and large hairnet and gave us an update, which basically consisted of no update: We’re still getting Casey in the right position for the surgery. When I provide an update at noon, we will have begun the actual incision.

We went to breakfast. Jill’s toaster popped her bread two feet into the air and onto the floor.

11:55 a.m.
The phone rang in the waiting area. “Quinn family,” the receptionist said. We looked at each other. Casey’s dad stood up and took the phone.

“Hello,” he said. “Yes… Yes… Ok… Put him on.”

A slight smile crossed his face. The rest of us held our breath. We weren’t expecting a phone call.

“Hi Casey,” his dad said. Pause. Another smile — very slight — appeared.

“We’re all praying for you and will see you soon. We love you.”

He hung up and sat down. His voice was almost gone. “That was Casey in the middle of surgery. They have him awake. He said that it’s going well and that he’s remembering all the cards they’re showing him.”

12:15 p.m. (20 minutes ago)

The English nurse updated us. He is doing very well and responding well to all the tests for memory, speech, etc. They have done the incision, but haven’t yet started to remove the tumor.

“You may be getting a phone call…” she said.

Yeah, we got that.

“And did he sound completely normal, like his tooth was just being filled, not like he’s in the middle of neurosurgery?”

Uh huh.

“And did the family fall apart?”

Umm, yes. Every one of us.

“That’s always kind of funny,” the nurse said.

Another update in a couple of hours. Keep the good thoughts coming.


16 Responses to “SURGERY UPDATE, VOL 1”

  1. “Thank you so much for doing this Aaron. I was so excited to see your update. Being able to read the play-by-play is awesome. You write just like Casey. I am anxious to read your next update and find out how the rest of the surgery went. Stay strong – you’re doing an amazing job right now. Hugs from Minnesota.”

  2. “Wow Aaron! You are doing an incredible job of keeping all of us informed. Thank you for the updates; we are all on pins and needles today.

    Love and Prayers from Chicago.”

  3. “Casey,
    You should know that I have sooooo much candy and even a cookie [which probably won't be that fresh when you get back] for you when you return to the tundra. My desk is covered with V day candy from students. If they would wise up and bring me what I really want: booze!


    Thank you very much for the updates you are doing for Casey & family. This is his Aunt Lisa & we are thinking of him very, very much!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Tell everybody we love them & are praying for Casey & tell him to stay strong!!!
    Love The Pilles”

  5. “Casey’s in big loving hands. Looking forward to our Victory Lunch. Aaron thanks for the play by play. Keep on truckin.”

  6. “We’ve got our fingers crossed over here at work. Carolyn has been checking for updates all afternoon and the rest of us keep checking periodically.

    Thanks for the update, Aaron. Keep strong.


  7. "Those Loud Creatives"

    “Hi Casey, and Aaron–
    These updates are wonderful! We’re all thinking of you and it’s great to hear that it’s going well. Aaron and Alfonso actually stopped bickering so we could all check in on your progress. (Well, just for a minute, but still.)

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! All the best from behind Room 322!


  8. “Aaron, thanks so much for the update. Casey has such a cheering section back hom in the IM department! Valentine’s Day hugs to both of you.

    Love, Andrea V.”

  9. “This is very encouraging news, thanks so much for lettings us know it as it’s happening. It sounds like the scary part is ending for Casey and the road to recovery is starting. Sending as many good thoughts and prayers and hope they help. :-)”

  10. “Casey -
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Thanks for updating the site, Aaron.

    Love and hugs from Ann Arbor, Michigan,

    Nikki (Matt’s sister)”

  11. “I don’t know you Aaron – but I thank you for doing this!

    Casey – Miss and Love you lots… been thinking about you all day! Trying to send good vibes to you from Rochester! (*vibe, vibe*) — Think of it like our Mountain Dew pager we got our senior year (and thought we were sooooooooo cool…)… stay strong Casey! :)

    I’ll always be your “”Sweet Pea”"!”

  12. “The WAITING is really hard. Aaron thank you so much for the updates. It is really hard to be at work today. Give Casey’s parents a hug and make sure you share all of the wonderful things you love about Casey today. Miss you both! I will be on the lookout for more good news!

    Love ya-
    Sarah Z”

  13. “Aaron
    Thanks for the play-by-play. It almost makes us feel like we are there beside casey. Keep Lois, Mo & Jill strong – we (speaking for all friends and relatives) are wearing our “”rally hats”" to cheer you on, casey. Hang in there and I hope we can possibly see you soon. Couldn’t make it there today – some jitterbugs are better left in San Antonio. Love and prayers always. Jan & Jim”

  14. “Aaron,
    thank you for taking over the updates. This is just too scary to comprehend. Be strong!


  15. “Hello Aaron, Thank you so much for the updates. We have been praying for Casey and the doctors to take care of him. Please tell everyone we love them with many kisses and hugs from Florida!

    Love, Michelle, Tony, Sophia and David”

  16. “Aaron, thank you for all your work taking over for Casey, with all the updates. What a true friend, tell his mom and dad hi from the McVicker family and we send our love, and many prayers to you all in Texas. We know Casey is in good hands. We appreciate what you are doing. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Love to all.
    Freezing in Mankato, please bring back sunshine.