Last Thoughts Before Surgery

Posted by Casey on February 13th, 2007


Just one last addition before surgery. (Read my previous entry for all of today’s news.) I’ll be heading to bed early tonight as we have to be checked in at 6:00 tomorrow morning. And it’s a long, seven-hour surgery after that. My parents, sister and Aaron will be with me. And in my heart I can feel the rest of you here, with me in support. And for that I can’t thank you enough.

Because I’ll be pretty sedated for the next couple days, I won’t be able to make updates to the site. Instead, I have asked Aaron to step in and help. He’ll post updates to let you know the success of the surgery and any other information available. So keep coming back for the news. If you want to call, text or email, don’t hesitate. Someone will be around to read them to me. :)

In speaking with the doctor today, he asked if I was ready.

I am.



9 Responses to “Last Thoughts Before Surgery”

  1. “Love you today…
    :o) S.”

  2. “Oh Sweetie, you and your fruit loops made me laugh. I am definitely with you in spirit, sitting next to you and holding your hand though all of this. Let your mind fill with your happiest memories and your heart fill with all of our love. Stay strong – you have so much more to teach us. You are in my prayers and every thought. Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful boy. I love you so much!

    Well wishes to your family and Aaron – you guys are amazing.”

  3. “Casey- there is so much love for you out there….I can just feel it :) Especially love from here in WI~~Love you so much!!
    May you, Aaron, & your family feel all of the peace & Prayers during these next days…

    Love always, And Happy Heart Day…~L”

  4. “Casey,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, friends, Aaron, and everyone that you have touched by being such a great person. You have everyone behind you and we can’t wait for you to have a speedy recovery.

    - Love, Matt”

  5. “Casey – You’ll be in our minds every minute of the day today. We’re so proud of you – you’re an inspiration to us all. We’re praying for you! All our love and prayers – Lucy, Kevin, Meg, Evan, Domi, Cat and Tess”

  6. "Cousin Jane"

    “Casey, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. I’m making a special request to your Great Grandma Minnie up in Heaven to work her magic and to help guide the doctors’ steady hands. You are truly an amazing inspiration — your courage and determination are beyond compare.

    Fondly… your Cousin Jane from Iowa”

  7. “Didn’t know what time your surgery started until this morning. Prayed for you, those working with you and those waiting on you….

    Here’s to a wonderful outcome.”

  8. “Casey, you’re a marvel. Riina and I send you positive transatlantic thoughts from England. Can’t wait to see you – love and miss you! Tim x”

  9. “Casey,

    I’m in your apartment right now. Where are the rest of your YAZ CD’s???? Did you hide them from me? :)

    Seriously, like so many people here in Minneapolis and across the country, I’m sure, I’m really thinking of you right now and sending you all the best vibes I can. (Gee, I hope that they aren’t too strong and you get all excited on that operating table!)

    Looking forward to seeing you back home better and stronger than ever!