Final Update From Friday

Posted by Casey on November 7th, 2009

Well, the week is over. It’s Saturday morning and I’m just trying to get my stuff packed before heading to the airport. Dad is already at Hobby, taking a different flight home. It suddenly dawned on me that I have staples in my head so it will be another fun experience in airport security with the metal detectors. I can’t wash my hair/head and it has quite a bit of dried blood on it, so this should be a fun time.

I wanted to get an update out yesterday, but Dad and I were both just worn out and calling Mom and Jill was all we had the energy for. After the appointments ended around noon, we came back to the hotel. I slept for two hours while Dad worked out in the gym. Last night we ended up going out for dinner and a horrible movie. Mindless entertainment (even lack of entertainment) were what we needed. A long week was finally over!

The results of the tests and plan to move ahead are largely in place, with a few more things to iron out this week. As I reported on Wednesday after the surgery, the biopsy came back with less-than-favorable results. We still don’t have full information on the grade of the tumor, but know that the grade of the cancer wouldn’t affect the recommended treatment plan.

I’ll be starting chemotherapy next Monday. One of the drugs, Temozolomide – the actual chemo drug, is an oral version that I’ll take five days in a row, once every 28 days. The other drug, Avastin, would have been given to me regardless of whether it was cancer or necrosis. This is given every 14 days intravenously. It’s a pretty simple cycle. I asked Dr. Wolff how long this would be given (if there was any specific timing), and as of right now, we’re looking at a year unless we see any major changes (growth or shrinking of the tumors). Both of these will hopefully be handled in Minneapolis, though I still need final confirmation from my doctors there. I’ll still be having monthly visits to Houston for monitoring as well, though these will just be 1 or 2 day visits now.

I will need to get the staples taken out and should be able to just do this in Minneapolis. Can’t wait. I can finally wash my greasy hair on Monday, but I’m going to sneak it in on Sunday night. It’s driving me crazy!!

That’s it for now. I’ll update more this week once I get some updated news from the doctors in Mpls. Hope you’re all well.

Love, Casey

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25 Responses to “Final Update From Friday”

  1. Martha Hedstrom

    See you when you get home! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  2. Steven Warren

    It will be nice to have you back home! Let me know if you need anything at all, I’m so close by.

  3. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Kevin

    Hey Casey -

    From the postings I’m reading, I can tell you’ve got a great bunch of friends who love and care for you as much as your family. We are all walking with you on this latest development – stay strong. We’re here for you. And by the way, I know what you mean when it comes to the hair – I can’t stand that greasy feeling either!

    Love to you – The Fureys

  4. Oh, Honey… Thank you for the update. Round thingies then staples, you are well accessorized. :) I hope the treatments won’t be too terrible.

    Love and lots of hugs,

  5. Laura,Travis,& Trevor

    Prayers and peace to you Casey-Love U!

  6. I hope you made it through airport security with out too much drama. Thinking of you. Hope we can get together over Arnie’s over the holidays.

    Love, love,

  7. Get back here! I have a huge hug waiting for you.


  8. Thanks for the update. Hope you made it through airport security. Its always fun to through something different at them.

  9. Cara Bennett

    Thinking of you often. Take care Casey :-)

  10. Glad you’re coming home. Hope airport security was smooth. Thinking of you!

  11. Our prayers are always with you. Stay stong and we love you.

  12. Our prayers are always with you. Stay stong and we love you. Love the picture of you and your dad.

  13. Good times at the airport indeed. Love you :o)

  14. Hi Casey-
    Hope the flight went well. Let me know if you want to continue to watch some more bad movies in MN. I’m always game.

  15. Hey Casey, have some fun with the airport security guys, they’re always a most entertaining bunch :) Seriously, welcome back, Case. We’re all with you.

  16. When you feel up to it…. let’s do lunch! Miss you! Daire

  17. Karen Andrews

    Hey Casey,

    So sorry the news wasn’t better and that you have to go back on chemo again. If you have the time/energy to get together when you’re back in town, let us know.

  18. Lisa & Bernie & family

    Hey Casey glad you made it through the airport with the staples and all. The hair thing drives me crazy as well, I’m sure you look marvelous now!! Just to let you know we love you & are praying for you!! Cam says hi & misses you & loves you!! As we all do!! Keep in touch!!

  19. Welcome home. I hope you got that hair washed. I’m thinking of you and finalizing plans on the onslaught of baked goods coming your way.
    xo -deb

  20. Casey,
    Wow, you’ve been through way more than most people go through their entire life. Even though it may not feel like it, we’re never given more than what we can handle. You are a strong person and have a strong family and I know you will overcome life’s most recent challenge. Take care and remember all your successes for such a young person!

  21. Andrea Vogel

    Hang in there, CQ! I miss you. It’s been like 79 years since we hung out. Here is an e-hug until i can give you one in person. xoxo Andrea

  22. Michelle Sciortino

    Your strength and courage is remarkable. I pray only good news will come your way. We miss you and the family!

  23. Casey, I am a friend of your mom and dad’s from the golf club in LeSueur. I have been following your web site, and can tell that you are as wonderful of a person as the two of them. Thanks for sharing your story.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  24. Tracy Theisen

    Hi Casey,

    Margie shared with me your update last month and somehow lost track of the story until today. Sounds like you’ve been put through the ringer once again but you are hanging in there. All I can say from one patient to another, is hang in there and continue to put up the good fight!! Good luck with your treatment and I’ll continue to stay in touch. Take care,

  25. Hermel Family

    Ran into your mom tonight-she updated us! Casey, you still are our favorite babysitter! We all send our love and have very fond memories of you taking care of Blake, Kaila, and Alex pretty much every Saturday night for years. Your great attitude is an inspiration to us all-especially Dave!