Jill & Ben, and Other News

Posted by Casey on June 5th, 2007


The most important news first… I got a call from Jill last week to let me know that she had some great news. As Mom and Dad were celebrating there 35th anniversary, Jill and Ben were in Point Reyes for the weekend to celebrate their dating anniversary. But this one came with a very exciting addition… Ben proposed to Jill! This made my day, my week… it’s just damn good news. I can’t wait to congratulate them in person. I love you, Jill & Ben!


I’ve been working for about a week now. It’s been great to be back in the mix, getting to see coworkers, so many of whom have become dear friends. I’m slow to pick up on some of the new changes, and also somewhat slow just in remembering the whole flow of work, but I’ve got great support and understanding as I make that transition and grow back into the place. So far, so good!

Sadly, I’ve also been struggling with some energy and dizzyness issues. Especially last night when, after taking my medication, I was over at my neighbor Steven’s place and developed strong double-vision problems, and quickly became so dizzy and exhausted that I could barely keep my head up. I laid over and Steven helped get me ready to sleep on his couch… I could barely speak, barely think. It was rather frightening. Aaron came over to help, and eventually I made it to bed, but not without plenty of dizzyness to slow down getting there.

The symptoms were all just an extreme on some of the ones I’ve been experiencing more and more lately. So today I took the time to contact my doctors and describe it all in detail… my lack of energy that had been returning so well, my unstable/dizzy walking, and last night’s horrible episode. They decided to first check the levels of trileptal in my blood, and so that’s what I did this evening. Now I’ll wait for the results and speak to the doctors more in the next day or two. Hopefully we’ll find an explanation, a cause, and then find a solution.

I’m not very good at describing just how awful it feels. It’s rather scary to me, and very intense… not like just a normal need for a nap, or a normal bit of feeling dizzy. It’s incredibly toward an extreme. I hope we can resolve this very soon, as I want to continue down the recovery road with biking, working, and living life again… I’m not ready to deal with more doctors appointments!

I’ll keep you all posted.

4 Responses to “Jill & Ben, and Other News”

  1. "Laura B."

    “Sending more strength out to you, Casey!!! ~L”

  2. "Anonymous"

    “Casey -

    Keep thinking healthy and strong – we are. You’ve been through so much and deserve the best – a lot of prayer and good thoughts are coming out of Austin.

    Our love to you – The Furey Family

    p.s. Congrats to Jill and Ben. Seems we had a slow down of nuptials in the Pille family but thanks to Ben and Emily and now Jill and Ben things are rolling again!”

  3. “case,

    I have a wealth of strength and nowhere to put it. so, it is yours for the taking. take it all, my gift to you. love you so much.”

  4. "Anonymous"


    Great news about Jill and Ben. That good news can always give you some added strength I hope. Hey don’t forget to tell your doctor that your cousin Tony was driving you nuts or riding in circles on that bike. Just kidding I know y’all had lots of fun. Stay strong partner and if we can do anything let us know. I know Jan brought a case of chunky chocolate up to the cabin. Come on up for a weekend and relax on the pontoon.

    jim, jan, justin, jordyn, and jad”