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New Meds

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone. I was unable to find the disc that had my site files located on it. So I had to spend a few hours today rebuilding some of it and now I can finally let you all know the results. First, the MRI. I went in last Thursday to [...]


Update On The Symptoms

Just wanted to post a quick update on the stuff happening last week… On Friday, with symptoms not really subsiding any, and at the request of my doctor at M.D. Anderson (Dr. Slopis), I went in to have an EEG at my clinic in Minneapolis. It’s meant to measure brain function, through the help of [...]


Jill & Ben, and Other News

The most important news first… I got a call from Jill last week to let me know that she had some great news. As Mom and Dad were celebrating there 35th anniversary, Jill and Ben were in Point Reyes for the weekend to celebrate their dating anniversary. But this one came with a very exciting [...]