My Funny Valentine

Posted by Casey on January 26th, 2007


Generally it’s about Russell Stover… or on a really good year some B.T. McElrath. This year it’s not chocolate, or even flowers on the 14th of February. Instead, it’s a bouquet of M.D. Anderson doctors, nurses and staff, doing their best to remove as much of my tumor as they can.

With a little more thinking, we confirmed the plan to move forward with surgery on the earliest available date. That happened to be Valentine’s Day. We’ll be heading back to Houston on the 11th of February, with a couple days of prep before the big day. I don’t have details on the surgery or any of the other plans for the week, but I’ll definitely share once that is all worked out. For now I just wanted to send another update to thank you all for the warm thoughts, the prayers, the calls and emails (some of which I still need to return), the countless wonderful things you’re doing to help me through this.

Thank you.


8 Responses to “My Funny Valentine”

  1. "Anonymous"

    “My heart will be with you on this VD. Just know you are loved. Anything you and your family may need during this time I am there.

    Peace, Love and Understanding-
    Sarah Z.”

  2. "Anonymous"

    “It is all about love. The reassuring constant love of your family and friends. The love of healing that your doctors bring to you. And your love of life inspires us all. Perfect that it is on Valentines Day. Lots of love and prayers. Daire”

  3. "Anonymous"

    “Hey Casey,

    You will be in my thoughts, and Eric’s as well, on Valentine’s Day! You are such a hero to so many people, even if you don’t know it. I’m lucky to have added you to my group of friends in the last couple of years. You are truly awesome!



  4. "Anonymous"

    We have to tell you that we have had you in our thoughts every day and are wishing you nothing but the best in your journey ahead. We see your Mom and Dad every week and have found that this website is a Godsend. It is great for us to have access to your medical updates and saves your parents from having to repeat the stories numerous times. You are an amazing individual and your gift “”to write it as you see it”" is wonderful and inspirational to everyone. Kath’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day but this year will be different as you will be on our minds. We think the world of you and your family and hope the time in Houston goes quickly and will anxiously await your return home. You have great support from those that know you and you will meet many more through this series of events. Keep the faith and stay the ever-positive person you are and things will turn out well. We will be sure to save you some chocolate and will go out to dinner with you, your parents and the Friday night crew back in Mankato.

    John & Kath Bill”

  5. “Hey Casey my man, Keep up the bravery and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re in our prays and thoughts. Thanks for updating the website. It’s helpful to know what’s going on. Don’t worry about emailing! Focus on positive vibes, don’t sit at your computer :) Love, Janna, Steve, Alana and Ian”

  6. "You make us smile with our hearts!!!!"

    “Casey, I take that five minutes every day. Your five minutes. I’ll be thinking about you every minute on 2/14!!!!

    Remember – the force is with you. :-)


  7. “Your strength amazes me every day. And I have a whole mass of people sending happy thoughts your way. You are very, very loved.”

  8. "Anonymous"

    “You are so amazing and brave! You’ll be my favorite Valentine this year.

    Love, love, love -