Almost to Houston

Posted by Casey on January 13th, 2007


I’m leaving on Tuesday, bright and early, for Houston. Appointments start on Wednesday. I’m not sure how many there will be, or if I’ll have additional tests or scans, but I’m anxious to get there.

For the last few weeks I’ve been moving on with life, getting back into the grind at Target, hanging out with friends and family, and in a lot of ways forgetting this other side (the cancer side) of my life. And while that’s generally a good thing, occasionally I’ll stop and think about what could be going on inside me, inside my head, and I realize how important it is for me to move on with treatment.

So I’m excited to meet with the doctors in Houston. As I’ve already said, Dr. Anderson has done nothing short of save me several times, and so, if for no other reason, I’m ready to continue with this discovery phase, to find out what’s going on, to hear the recommended treatments, and to move on to the next step.

Think good thoughts!

3 Responses to “Almost to Houston”

  1. “About time, been to M.D. Anderson in 93 and 94. then in 02 with my daughter. Best place to go, you will be impressed, and cured.
    Good Luck,
    Dennis Walker,(Ben Bridge’s uncle in Kansas city.)
    God cures….Doctors collect.”

  2. “Good luck in Houston! We’ll be thinking of you.”

  3. "Our thoughts & prayers are with you!"

    “Hello Casey,

    Your family in Florida has been anxiously waiting for updates on your progress. This website was a great idea to reconnect and keep everyone updated. We will be checking back often.

    Your positive attitude and courage is an inspiration to all of us. We are trying to get back to Iowa this summer to see you and the rest of the family. Have a safe trip to Houston.

    Love, Michelle, Tony, Sophia and David XXOO”