Posted by Casey on February 14th, 2007


(Since Casey is in surgery right now, this is Aaron providing an update.)

6:00 p.m.
We just saw Casey in the Critical Care unit. He’s looking very good, his head wrapped in a white turban of gauze, but otherwise looking just like Casey. He’s fast asleep (and who wouldn’t be?). The doctor who talked with us said that all signs are looking good — including movement and speech. The head surgeon should still be coming to give more information.

For now, though, know that Casey is resting and well.


16 Responses to “SURGERY UPDATE, VOL 3”

  1. “Sending love and healing thoughts your way Casey!

    Aaron ~ It’s good to know he’s resting now, have been thinking of you all throughout the day – thanks so much for the updates. My thoughts & prayers are with you, his parents & sister and extra love & affection to Casey.

  2. “We prayed for you and God didn’t let us down.

    If anyone could pull through these difficult times we knew Casey it would be you.

    Our prayers are always with you!

    We love you.

    Aunt Mary and Chet”

  3. “casey, i love you.
    -andy h.”

  4. “Hooray!!!!!!! Hope Casey is getting a restful sleep, he deserves it, and Aaron, so do you. May your head hit the pillow this evening knowing the worst has now past. More well wishes for everybody out there, including the doctors. God bless those brainiacs. :-D”

  5. “Thank you again Aaron for making us feel like we are right there with you guys. Your strength kept us all going. Sweet dreams tonight to you and the Quinn family and especially Casey. I’ll be thinking of you all. Looking forward to more updates when our champ rises tomorrow morning!”

  6. "Not Valentines Day Without You"

    “Even though Katie and I couldn’t be with ya this year on Valentines Day, we were with you all day today in spirit. We’ve been checking the updates constantly and are so excited to hear all of the positives! Rest up well tonight and we’ll check in on you tomorrow. We both love you very much.

    Many thanks to Aaron for keeping us all updated.
    Katie and Dave”

  7. “The whole Miller family is behind you–caring and concerned. We’ve said lots of prayers and would do more if we could. Love to all of you.”

  8. “Aaron–Thank you so much for updating the site! It means a lot to me to know what’s going on and most of all to know everything went as planned. Casey and his family have been in my thoughts all day…give them a big hug for me. :)”

  9. “So much love being shared here – there’s no way one little tumor stands a chance against all of this!

    Sleep well tonight everyone!”

  10. "The Pilles"

    “Casey from your Godchild Cameron, he wishes he could put together another stick snowman with you as soon as your well!! I (Lisa) told him about your day & of course being as sentimental as he is all he wanted to say is….. tell Casey “”I love him & Happy Valentines Day!!!”" We all here at the Pill home wish you well & to let you know we love you very, very much. You are an inspiration!!! Aaron thankyou very much for the updates & again tell the Quinns Hello & we are thinking of them & love them all!!!!!

  11. “Aaron,

    Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated with Casey’s progress. I am so glad that everything went well and that Casey is getting much deserved rest. You are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you for being strong and getting the news out.



    I am so proud of you and so happy to hear that everything went smoothly today. Keep being who you are and I know you’ll come out of this stronger than ever. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends.

    Love, Matt”

  12. “Dear Casey,

    You and those with you in Houston deserve a few good days of rest. Grandma Pille-bug sends her love and prayers, as we all do.”

  13. “Aaron, Thanks for keeping us all updated! Get some rest tonight!

    Casey – There were many conversations about you in the office today. We are all thinking about you sending thoughts and love your way! Miss you!

    Sarah D”

  14. “Casey and Aaron,

    I’m sooo happy things went well today! I’ve been checking for updates, like, every ten minutes after work today. I hope both of you sleep well tonight.”

  15. “HI Aaron, thanks for the updates. Casey you and Jill are 2 good looking Quinns in the pictures!! I am so thankful the surgery went well. You have been in my thoughts all day. By the way Casey if you need a wig we still have the one you and Kara played with at Grandma Quinn’s when you were a little boy!! Do you remember that? I think I have pictures to remind you. Love to you- Linda”

  16. “Casey,

    Thank you. Your strength and determination has been such an inspiration to me and so many others. I am so proud of you and feel fortunate to be your sister. I love you so much!!!!


    p.s. thanks for the mid-surgery phone call…that was truly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced!”